About Us

Patrick West has been a member of the Natural Law Party since August of 1996, when he first heard about the Party and heard Dr. John Hagelin speak. To Patrick, and to all who join the party, the ideals, the beliefs, the platform of the Natural Law Party just make sense. They are forward looking, life supporting policies that focus working from the inside, rather than from the outside. It seems only natural to apply the laws of nature to the laws of man, to government. Patrick is currently the state chairman of the Natural Law Party of Colorado, elected to the office in January of 2001.

Patrick is also the director of the non-profit group Colorado Genetic Engineering Action Network (COGEAN), working to educate the people of Colorado about the negative impacts of the biotech industry and genetic engineering to our health, the health of the environment, and the health of our economy.

He is also a member of the Colorado Coalition of Independent Political Parties (CCIPP), a grassroots organization made up of the five official minor parties in the state of Colorado, which are the American Constitution Party, the Colorado Reform Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the Natural Law Party. Patrick is dedicated to allowing all voices to be heard, for all choices to be known.

Raised in Indiana, Patrick attended Southport High School in Indianapolis and then went on to study Computer Science at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Graduating in 1990, Patrick moved to Dayton, Ohio where he began his career in the Software field with Mead Data Central.

In 1991 Patrick married Krista. Celebrating their 11th anniversary in 2002, Krista and Patrick have a 4 year old son Christopher. They live happily in Broomfield, Colorado now with their cat Shy (Christopher calls him Kid.)

Christopher is a very bright little boy, always curious and aware of his surroundings, and caring about them. He, as well as Patrick and Krista, are Vegans (not participating in the consumption of animal products in food, clothing, product testing, or use in entertainment). They visit natural medical practitioners in the Boulder area (Homeopath, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist/Chiropractor, and Dentist). They are members of the Political Voice for Animals (PVA), PETA, Rocky Mountain Animal Defense (RMAD), Vegetarian Society of Colorado, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and Organic Producers Association (COPA). They are also members of the Pachamama Farm, a local CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) group, and supporters of local organic agriculture. Krista is on the product selection committee of the new Boulder Co-op Market, opening in early fall of 2002.